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ZWCAD+ is a reliable and cost-effective CAD solution. It meets the needs of users across the 2D/3D design industry, including architecture, engineering, construction, mechanics, manufacture, electronics, etc. Now, ZWCAD is active in over 80 countries with more than 320,000 users.

ZWCAD+ highlights, highly compatible with AutoCAD, native DWG/DXF format, support AutoCAD file format, drawings produced by ZWCAD can be read and edit by AutoCAD, vice versa, quick processing speed, attractive price, if user usually using AutoCAD, there’s no need to learn in using ZWCAD because user-interface, command line and toolbars are similar to AutoCAD.

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ZWCAD+ 2015 SP3 Release: Adjusting clipping planes in the 3D orbit view by new 3D clip

Barry Shen - ZWCAD Design
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Expert Review: Testing Features in the New ZWCAD+ 2015

Jeffrey Heimgartner
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ZWCAD Products-CAD Programs That Has Been Used for Over 6 Years

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“ZWCAD+ is capable of storing the drawings with a small size that does not burden the computer processor’s memory, so it helps the computer to work optimally.”


“ZWCAD+ has an economical price but with the same ability to the formerly CAD software. It is easier to use, the accuracy and precision of the drawing also better than the previous CAD software we ever used. ZWCAD+ toolbar icon is more complete than other software and also more clearly to see, so it makes our drawing process faster than before.”

Sutrisno/ Senior Drafter of PT. CATUR BANGUN MANDIRI PERKASA

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