Kaspersky (KESB)


Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business offers a complete security solution, designed by the world’s leading security experts. The deepest, most forward-looking protection, efficient performance and straightforward management build through progressive tiers to fully secure your business.

Kaspersky EndPoint For Business

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On-premises Console With Granular Setup

Simple and Intuitive Cloud-based Console

Pre-configured Security Profiles

Advanced Protection for Workstations and File Servers

Device and Web Controls

Application Control

Security for Mobile

Mobile Device Management

Mobile Application Management*

Vulnerability and Patch Management**




Endpoint Security for Business Select

Next Generation protection and control for every endpoint

With more of your business operations going digital, you need to protect every server, laptop & mobile device. In a single solution – with one easy-to-use management console – we deliver Next-Gen Security that helps you protect every endpoint your business runs.

  • Protects against the latest threats, including ransomware
  • Hardens endpoints – to reduce your exposure to cyberattacks
  • Helps boost productivity – via cloud-enabled usage controls
  • Protects servers & endpoints without damaging performance
  • Secures diverse environments – PC, Mac, Linux, iOS & Android
  • Simplifies security management – with one unified console


Endpoint Security for Business Advanced

Enhanced security with extended management & data protection

Because your business has sensitive data that must be kept safe, we do more than just protect every endpoint your business runs. Patch Management helps eliminate security vulnerabilities, while encryption helps to prevent data being accessed by cybercriminals.

  • Delivers Next Gen protection against known & unknown threats
  • Reduces your exposure to attacks – by hardening endpoints
  • Helps prevent loss or theft of confidential business data
  • Eliminates vulnerabilities – to reduce attack entry points
  • Saves time – by automating OS & software deployment tasks
  • Streamlines security management – with one unified console


Total Security for Business Select

Our ultimate security for every aspect of your business

  • Reduces exposure to attack by hardening corporate endpoints
  • Provides Next Gen protection against the latest cyberthreats
  • Encrypts data – to prevent loss of confidential information
  • Eliminates vulnerabilities – to remove attack entry points
  • Protects email servers, Internet gateways & SharePoint